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Did Your Female GSD Calm Down After 1st Heat?

Or did her behavior change enough to notice?

As I responded on another thread, Teddy (age ten months) was starting to get a bit reactive in the car and in public places like Petsmart. I was even avoiding people in public areas in order to keep her under threshhold. It wasn't horrible, yet, but I was definitely worried, and "working on it."

Well, her first heat has finally finished (a long few weeks at home), and she is back to her friendly, not-so-reactive self. Petsmart was very crowded yesterday (Black Friday at Petsmart? ), yet she was extremely confident and friendly. I even let people approach her again. Not one peep out of her. Put her in a down stay at at the register with all sorts of people around, and she was totally chilled.

I hope I'm not making too much of this. End of fear stage? Hormones gone crazy and now back to herself?

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