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Does anyone play/exercise their dog with RC cars?

Aside from the traditional walk or socialization, I feel the best form of exercise is having a dog play fetch. It engages their mind, it's extremely fun for most dogs with prey drive and my dog will drop dead of a heart attack before she will stop chasing a ball haha. I also believe it's the most natural possible form of exercise and release for an animal that's largely a predator. Going on hikes and stuff are great too. I like to try and simulate nature as much as possible. Swimming as well.

Anyway, fetch is cool but there are a few constraints with it. Aside from training a dog fetch or teaching it, balls tend to get lost and broken, etc. and you have to physically chuck the ball and you can't control its course. If the dog gets distracted and you throw the ball really far, it's counterproductive to the exercise. Your shoulders may hurt after a while, can't throw as far as you would like, etc. I still play fetch but I'm looking into buying a RC car to exercise my dog. Dogs absolutely love to chase RC cars and much like chasing small prey or rabbits, they go absolutely crazy over it. The kind of physical exercise and mental calculation in chasing something that moves, turns, slides, stops, etc. is much more enticing and stimulating than just throw a ball or just walking around a block. (Though all those have their own benefits)

Does anyone regularly use RC cars as a form of play and exercise? I have a few questions on choosing and maintaining RC cars as I know that alone is a huge hobby field with various types of cars, brands, controllers, modification, etc. There's something made specifically for dogs but it's listed at $300 and it's pretty slow.
Some things that I would consider would be:
- durability: It would be great if it had a selection of very hard and durable covers or tops so the dog doesn't destroy everything internal.
- fast: would like it to be very hard or impossible for the dog to catch. hence, preventing destruction
- traction: ability to perform on grass. dont like my dogs running or playing on hard surfaces like asphalt so would have to have enough power and traction to have some speed on grassy surfaces.
- easy to medium maintenance and setup: I know the world of RC cars can go in DEEP, much like any hobby. You can spend $100s if not $1000 on upgrading suspensions, frames, wheels, custom engines, gas, etc. but I'm looking for something that is just easy to maintain and setup, durable. Gas is fine as long as there's nothing complex.
- fairly cheap: $200 or under would be a good price point if it lasts. If it fits all the criteria above and is durable and would not need replacing, it would be a very good investment for me and my dog. much better than $50 cars that would need replacing every time my dog destroys it.

Probably a long shot but I have access to a very large field that enclosed with close proximity to my house and wondering if anyone has any experience in this area? Much appreciated.
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