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Natural balance is a limited ingredient kibble. I don't feed kibble so can't really recommend others as I don't know what else is a LID. If you get vitamins, go with a C with rosehips, later you can give her EsterC but it has a bit too much calcium for younger dogs.
Do you have any raw distributors near you(not so much as in pre-mades but grinds, the green tripe is so good for the dog....natural digestive enzymes) A meat processor or butcher would be the way to go for meat, or venison, bison or elk for the muscle meat if you have a source.

For chew bones go to your local butcher and get a fresh raw beef knuckle bone(soup bone). Marrow bones are a bit hard, the knucklebone has beneficial cartilage and is softer than the weight bearing bones. Fresh meat has enzymes that break down the plaque on teeth so just chewing fresh bones is helpful in cleaning teeth. Also apples contain an enzyme that helps clean off the gunk. So a few chunks of apple if she'll eat it will help clean them.
I also give elk antlers as chews for my dogs(these are recreational chews, not something I 'feed')

If you decide to feed raw, please read through the forum here, lots of info on it and it isn't that difficult but you need to know what you are doing.

Has she had a heat cycle yet?
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