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Are you supplementing with fish oil(2000mg) or natural vitamin C? C helps reduce inflammation and is a natural antihistamine. I would start with 500mg of C and over a week up it to 1000, then you could go 2000 mg split between meals. Usually 1000 is fine for maintenance.
I would add in both(human grade) and Vitamin E w/ mixed tocopherols every few days to counter the fish oils depletion of it.
I would get her on a limited ingredient(LID) or raw diet and make sure she doesn't have any fleas or internal parasites whatsoever.
Digestive enzymes/probiotics may help her as well, but I'd get her on something better than Kirklands.
Also humidity levels in homes are low this time of year, so increasing humidity will help her skin. Puppies seldom have allergies, they develop after a year or two of age. Kibble fed dogs do drink alot of water, have you tried soaking her kibble to see how much it expands?
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