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New puppy with allergies?

I am new to this board and have bee reading voraciously whenever I get time. We fell into this puppy when the former owner contacted me. They wanted to give the dog away because she was "allergic" to something in their house. No mind you she has several young children- not saying that someone with young children can't take care of a puppy- but the allergy thing didn't ring true to me. So- I have noticed that she scratches alot either by her collar, her ear, her side- she will nibble on her front and back legs and her tail. It isn't non stop- and she hasn't lost any hair- nor is she res or swollen anywhere. The vet she had been going to prescribed her a short 5 day dose of panacur? Which is a powder that she takes with her food. She also has been taking Chloropenamine- these small tablets 3 each at each meal- I feed her 2 times a day. The former owner said she has a sensitive stomach and the food she is on now seems to be better- its Kirklands lamb and sweet potato- grain free. I am wondering if her allergy could be to wheat or gluten? We tried bathing her in an oatmeal moisturizing bath and it doesn't seem to have done squat. She also seems to be quite skinny, so we upped her amount of food for awhile to see if she will gain weight.
Anyone out there have a dog with allergies to something in the home? Or does anyone have a guess as to what she might be allergic too? Oh, and she seems to drink alot of water, especially after she eats.

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