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So, I really hope that I can post this without anyone chopping my head off. In 5-10 more years I hope to have upgraded my house and have bought more land with the house and I also hope to be well on my way to becoming a very notable and respected breeder of German Shepherds. I am absolutely in love with the breed, but I want to be sure that I can get a quality education about what it takes to be a very responsible and very respectable breeder. But, as most of you may already know, Kentucky isn't exactly a state well known for producing quality puppies and is more known for being a state for horrible animal abusers. I'm not going to be breeding anything or even thinking about it until I have titled many dogs and have worked with a knowledgeable breeder and learned everything that I can possibly learn within a 5-10 year time frame. I also want to be sure that I am properly and adequately set up for a breeding operation. I have contacted a few of the better breeders in the state, but so far none are willing to work with me. Would it be an option for me to work with and talk with a breeder that is out of state? Any advice?
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