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Diarrhea, no other symptoms

I changed my dog's food recently and now that she's completely on this food, she is getting diarrhea. She has NO other symptoms. She's eating, drinking water, playful, she's not running a fever, her gums are fine, and she doesn't vomit. I suspect the food, should I wean her back onto what she was eating? I mean it was a cheap food she was on (we finished out what her last owners gave us), but I wanted her on the same brand of food as my pug. It started 2 days after she switched to JUST the new food, but has been going on for three days. I am taking her to the vet regardless, but I just want some reassurance that she's okay before I go.

Sorry, we have only had her for a month so we're still getting to know her and I am just a worried mama.
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