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prong collars equal AWESOMENESS

So with only an hour of training, my shadow girl knows how to heel, stop, and NOT PULL! Of course more training but gosh im so proud of my baby girl!

So happy with the prong!

Well she was less distracted, we went out back where theres not much things she can hunt. She struggled at first, whined a couple times, but did amazing. After mastering the sit, when I stopped and mastering "heel", we took out our lil apollo! She got a little distracted but kept her eyes on me, a few times snuck a lil look at apollo, but generally she was watching my steps. Her nose went to the ground I believe 3times but after a lil crank her head was up, she looked way more confident then she has ever looked! When we took apollo out, she was literally by my side the whole time, she tried to sniff him at first but I pulled her back to my side horizontally and she fell right in place

Could not be more pleased.
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