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Default How does adding a new pup effect the relaionship with other dog?

Question for those who have added a pup to their pack. How did your other dog react? Benny is 3 ½ and I am hoping to add an ES pup soon . Benny was 15 months when we adopted 11 month old Jake and after meeting and playing on neutral ground there was no issues. Benny accepted that Jake is my husbands dog and both love being together. There has never been any jealousy . ( I know jealousy is a human emotion but believe dogs’ feel a form of it.
Yesterday my son dropped off his 9 week old pit bull for me to watch over night as he and his wife were spending Thanksgiving with her family. I am the one taking care of the pup .

Borzoi “Jake” has shown lots if interest in the pup and initiated a well supervised play session.
Benny has not shown aggression towards he pup other than a little growl when the pup ran into him, but he is completely disinterested. He seems a bit sad and even shut down.

Benny always sleeps on the floor next to me whether I sleep in my bed or on the couch. Last night I slept on the couch with the pup in the crate my son had brought at one end and Benny’s bed near me. Benny would not at first get in his bed or even respond when I called him. He slept in the kitchen floor for most of the night and finally came in to his bed. I have been careful to be overly attentive to the pup, and keep my ususal routine with Benny, but he is not his normal happy self.
The pup will be going home today so I won’t have a chance to see how this would play out.

How did getting a new pup effect your relationship with your first dog?

I had 4 kids in 4 years and there was occasionally jealousy from the older ones when a new one came ( older one peeing on my foot while I held the new born !) It all resolved over a few days with lots of reassurance to the one feeling insecure. Don’t know if it is the same with dogs.
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