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Default Need Help. Wont come inside.

I have a large fenced in yard. Gem loves to be outside and could run around and play outside all day. When its time to come inside she wont come when called. I don't call her with the "come" command because I feel that she thinks she is being punished when she comes in. I say "inside" its 50/50 shot whether she comes. When she does I give her a lot of hugs, praise, pets and high fives. I would like her to come inside every time I give the "inside" command. IM not sure what to do when she doesn't come. Do I repeat the command until she listens? go outside and try to get her (she is smart enough and wont let me get close), close the door and try again in a few minutes (she wins then) ugh frustrating. Any advice help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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