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I watched the first chapter and I really liked it. My only complaint is that from what I remember it talks a lot about training theory (operant conditioning etc.) which is always nice to have a refresher on but since i have read that info a million times it was a little redundant. You reminded me I should really watch the other chapters especially since the second one talks a lot about using the e collar for outs (which I do)

I would say the more info you can get about using an e collar the better. I also read through Lou Castle's site as well and talked to several trainers/had their assistance when beginning to use the collar. You can really screw up a dog with an e collar if used improperly. I really like the way Michael Ellis introduces the collar, which is covered in the first chapter. To me that was worth the $25. (That being said if you want to use his system of collar introduction, your dog has to understand leash pressure and I'm not sure if that is covered in the e collar series.)

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