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If your dog likes to swim, you could go to Lemieux Island which is off of the Parkway. You'd go over the bridge to the water filtration plant. There's parking there, an area to run around, and the dogs have easy access into the river.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with the two major dog parks around here or if you're even a fan of dog parks. The two big ones consist of various walking trails through NCC land. Bruce Pitt is in the West end on Cedarview. It's my favourite one because you can avoid the dog park chaos by taking some of the smaller less traveled paths. In the East end, there's Conroy Pitt which also consists of various walking trails.

How old is your dog? As Shade and Ky mentioned, the dog parks might be a bit hectic for a young pup although I think you can avoid the chaos a bit as I mentioned with the less populated trails.

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