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Engagement situation for 9 month old

Hello all,

First off I really enjoy the wealth of knowledge listed on the forums here.

So I have had my 8-9 month old GSD for about a month now and the previous owner didnt do much with her besides potty-train and a sit command. My experience before with GSDs has been that the 8-13 month stage is the most stubborn but I have always had the dog trained with all the basics and boundries by then.

This dog here however is having a lot of trouble staying engaged. Even in the house I have to pull everything out of the room, water etc. or she just walks off. I'm out of new treats to try at this time and I'm really just trying to keep her focused so we can get her heel/follow and return commands going.

I've never gotten a dog this old before and was wondering if the lack of engagement/focus is normal for a GSD that hasnt had previous training at this age. I've seen people use a leash on older dogs to keep them near and redirected at the owner, especially when they arent interested in treats. Anyone ever try this?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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