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What is acceptable puppy biting?

I would like some advice please. We have a four month old pup who is biting way too much for it to be puppy mouthing. He literally lunges to bite, or turns on you to bite. It is not with strangers, with whom he's a little stand offish but friendly and not aggressive. He's not aggressive with other dogs at all - quite the opposite. With me, he's very sweet and loving 80% of the time but then he'll turn on me and he is particularly hostile towards my husband. We're trying all the recommended ways to curb this: deflection, leaving him for a while so he understands he's missing out on our company; we have the bitter apple which he doesn't like; we're reading the book from the NY monks and have tried their recommended ideas. We're taking him to a puppy socialization group where he behaves perfectly. He loves to play, counter surfs all the time, snatches anything and everything he can and is obsessed with tissues and paper towels.

He sounds a holy terror but we actually love him to bits. He adores our son and looks to him as his alpha, but even with him, he's mouthy.

I went with my son to visit the pups and the mom was very sweet, well socialized. There were two litters both sired by the same dog and all three adult dogs are on the premises. We saw the male briefly. He was leashed and appeared rather hyper. We were told he was hit by a car and had suffered brain damage. The pups were well cared for, very alert, all vet reports up to date and no health issues.

I do intend to speak to our vet in case there is something we're overlooking - the pup has been twice to the vet for his shots, etc.

Is it too early to get him some one on one training?

Is what we are experiencing the norm? I grew up with GSDs but only one pup and I do not remember this at all.

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