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As an in home all breed trainer for nearly 20 years, I still see many of the puppies I started in training years ago. As the puppy grows up the "problems" change. In the beginning they need help with housebreaking, manners & leash training. Next they have issues with pushing limits & socialization. Lastly its usually off leash control & protectiveness. Even after their dog is trained, I often hear from clients that some behavior has popped up or returned. This is usually because of something the owner has been/not been doing. I can give them ideas of what to try over the phone & never have to make a training visit. Some clients I have known for over 15 years & still hear from them from time to time. I believe a trainer has an obligation to be there for the whole life of the dog, whatever help or information the owner may need. But that's just MHO.
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