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A couple of things:
For #1: once it is already home and the buyer advertises what kennel it is from, we cannot per board rules say anything negative about the breeder in public. If you remember, nobody said anything negative about the breeder and in fact, most said the breeder was quite clear with the quality of dog being sold as video was provided. At that point, it also isn't worth (most times) to point that out to the buyer. I have in the past pointed out to the buyer that I would not personally stand for how they were being treated for example. The board is restrictive in what we can say in terms of being negative so when someone asks for suggestions, you PM them and tell them the negative. When they announce they already got it, what is the point?

For #2: Nobody that we would call a "good" breeder will ask for the board's permission on if they should breed their dog or not. They do the breeding and every so often post a cute litter picture or two. Most people who ask for advice on breeding or studding usually are not even at the point where that should be an option for them. Most people that breed ethically have a good mentor or two that they get guidance from. They don't really need to reach out to this forum of (this is not derogatory) made up for people that are not breeders or active competitors for the most part. It's basically the idea that if you have to ask a bunch of strangers if your dog is worth breeding, it probably isn't worth breeding.
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