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Interesting Observation...timing

So has anyone noticed how the timing of the post really affects what people either post, or what people post without being called out for being "negative" or "rude"?

I've noticed two of these situations:

1) Buying a dog...if the dog is purchased, its already home and the person posts "look how cool my dog is!" No one ask where it came from, and even if the OP posts where they got the dog from, no one attacks the breeder or bothers to comment on the "sub-par" breeding or the questionable decision to go with a breeder. But if the person asks about a breeder, its usually a free for all for everyone to look for any minor "red flag" and call the breeder out for whatever that poster doesn't believe is a good practice.

2) Breeding your dog...someone asks about possibly studding/having a litter with their female. They get ripped apart, and I think we all expect that at this point as the first post after the OP is usually . But...if that person says, breeding has happened, people are more than willing to help this person learn everything there is to know about whelping a litter. Once in a while someone chimes in with a, please neuter/spay after this, but in reality it probably doesn't happen.

To tell the was the recent post from the guy that imported what everyone considered a "green dog" from Germany. I'm not attacking that OP, or the people that posted there, but there is at least 1 post on every page about how people are "being negative." I kept thinking...well its because the dog is already ordered/paid for and the decision has been made that they believe that. If the OP had posted for advice before the purchase was made, no one would've cared that those things are said about that dog. It would've been the same "truth" but because of when it comes out, it is kind of looked down on and looked at as "taboo" on the forum.

Anyone else notice these "timing" issues. Why is it that we're not really allowed to speak the truth or tell the facts after certain things happen?
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