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Not a good walk today

So, my dog is 7 months old. She had her first puppy class trainig 2 months ago it went well. Well, today my husband and I took her for a walk, we live by the woods/creek so people often bring their dogs there to run aroud leash free. I do the same. Today, Arexa was running around doing her thing, and these two teenagers were just entreing the woods, Arexa's fur went up and she started barking and circling around them, it almost looked like she was nipping but she was about 20 inches away from the teenagers. She wouldn't listen to me and my husband to leave them alone. The guys were nice and they weren't saying anything they kept walkning ahead. The dog ignored them at first when they were walknig way ahead but when they got about 25 feet from us thats when she lost it. I was so scared thinking that she would bite them! Arexa will be taking another training class after thanksgiving, any thoughts on what kind of class would be good at her age? Do you think she is starting to have aggression problem? Was that fear agression?..She wasnt running away from the guys but instead at them..
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