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Can you get recordings of wind and work from there when you are home, start ultra low, then next step a lttle louder and so forth and implementing postive reinforcement with this, like crate as safe calm place to go with the sounds while she chews on a raw meaty bone or gets brushies in the crate. Then while you arae out she may just go to it to chill...just kept open, blanket over it like a cave

Also what may help is melatonin - calming, but search cautions w/this as there may be some moderate

Valerian root is calming

Lavender (make a spray with essential oil - just 10 drops to a spray bottle) and mist around apt before you leave. or spray (diluted) on a bandana for around neck (works double duty against fleas)

Ashwagandha is a calming herb that works on the adrenal glands (adrenals regulate and excrete the stress hormones). I had tremendous results with this while my dog went through a 6 month balcony reno in a 16 story building - in fact so good he bonded so well with people who hated him.

There is also bach flower essences specifically for wind I believe.

Try one of these along with the desensitizing recordings as you want her calm place prior...just for her health.

Note: you would have to give ashawagandha about 5 days or so before starting therapy

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