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Is this normal for working line? Spin off of Velcro dog

After reading the Velcro dog thread I realized, while I do have a puppy that very much wants to be with me at all times. It's usually not possible. If I am not actively engaging her, ie: playing tug/fetch or training, she is nuts. I couldn't just let her have free roam of the house. She would have to be tied to me. There is no her following me calmly to different areas of the house. Otherwise she would be jumping, running, finding something to chew or chewing me! She's 5 months next week. I either am actively engaging her or she is outside or in her crate or tied to me so I can physically remove her from my arm/leg/hand etc. lol and keep her from hurting the kids. I just figured this is a higher drive, working line dog and is exactly what I signed up for. But just checking to be sure. I do look forward to being able to lounge with her next to me on the couch calmly petting her.

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