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LOL - he is in a stand stay, then I just placed his legs!

He is still a little low in the muscle area right now. He was looking really good about 3 weeks ago, but 2 things happened simultaneously

1) he has had another growth spurt and has grown at least an inch in the last month. So he looks super lanky to me right now, whereas before this he was more "balanced" looking...LOL just part of growing up I guess.

2) he had either a bad Rabies vaccine or had a bad reaction 2 weeks ago, either way he almost died and it took him 4 days to be able to walk and a week to be able to jump in the truck unassisted. He lost 5-6lbs in 4 days, we have almost put the weight back on, but he is still a little lean.

So we are now getting back into "conditioning" but it is definitely harder at -25C.
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