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Do you plan to do any dog sports with him or will he be your companion/pet?

At this age, if he still hasn't learned the rules, you dropped the ball somewhere and it is time to introduce some corrections. Get a prong collar, learn how to use it and fit it properly. You might need to visit a trainer for this part. Fit it snugly and high up on the neck - almost to the ears.

When you are walking, as soon as he pulls and acts like an idiot, give him a quick firm pop on the lead. It is good if he yelps. It means your correction got through to him. My trainer will always say "one good correction is worth a thousand bad ones". You do not want to give nagging corrections. One firm pop so he gets the idea. When he stops bad behavior and comes back to you, lots of praise and a couple thumps on the side. At first only go 10-20 paces or so. Keep it light, fun and stop before he gets overwhelmed. Slowly you will train him to walk properly on lead. Have 3-4 sessions a day. Eventually you can work your way up to a full walk.

Give strong corrections for biting. He should not be biting human flesh at this age.
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