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Training -getting to much

Hi all.. got a few questions

Kai still bites, is this normal (hes 7 months). Its not as much as it was but it still happens. We do all the things we were told to do (ignore him when he does ect.) I cant even dry him with out getting bitten

Also leash walking. what can i do? ive tried youtube and ive tried things ive been told (walk the other way ect) with the weather being so bad its nearly impossible to walk him.

He is NOT showing signs of aggression.

Should i see a trainer? Compared to the US theres only a hand full. If anyone knows any one in the uk that could help please direct me...or tell me im being stupid and offer ideas on how to get around the situation..

Hes good with basic commands and most days hes controlable and calm. As its getting dangerous to take him for walks hes got allot of energy built up. I want to be able to talk him for a walk with out the fear of danger

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