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Can't get bitch to stop eating pups poop

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So my bitch who had her litter back in August and all but 1 puppy have been sold and gone to their new homes. We kept 1 out of this litter. The problem I am having is if I literally don't chase the pup around and immediately pick up his poop the bitch flies in and eats it. The pup is 3 months old is past week. I literally have to chase him around with the poop shovel and hope to catch it while he's going bc if I turn my back for less then 60 seconds she's in there. Even if I do pick up the poop she comes in and licks the grass. The bitch doesn't eat any of our other dogs poop just the remaining puppies. She doesn't go after his pee spots just his poop spots. Would any of the poop pills out there at the stores help or is this something she just has to overcome bc we kept a pup this time? Thanks.

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