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Concerns about a "velcro dog"

Jackson turned 6 months this week, and we've had him for right around 3 months now. I think it is safe to say that he is a complete and total velcro dog. Unless he is tired, there is literally never a moment that he doesn't have me or my gf in his line of sight. Using the restroom/showering/cooking/napping alone are all distant memories. I am NOT complaining, having such a loving dog who loves nothing more than being near us was mainly all I was hoping for when we brought him home. What I am worried about is how much this is going to affect him when we begin more serious obedience (potentially SchZ) training. Are there any SchZ/IPO owners/handlers who would classify their dog as a "velcro dog"? Is this is going to be an issue later on when the training starts getting more in depth or am I worrying over nothing? If this is something that needs to be worked on I'd like to start working on it with him right away.
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