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First day of puppy class!

Went great! There's only two other puppies in the class so we end up getting a lot of one on one, good deal for a group class price.

We worked on him being touched all over(which Ollie doesn't really care about but good to reinforce). The trainer used him as an example and put her arms around his belly then lifted him into the air a little bit and he went totally limp in her arms

We also did some clicker work which he was good at because I already started it at home. We did object exposure, a big cart, a robot dog and he went through the big agility tunnel a few times and he also got into the kiddie pool all on his own.

He also met a bunch of other dogs not including the puppies from class(we do the puppy class at the humane society, it's awesome)... He met a giant Akita mix, a few adult pit bulls and a two month old super timid female pit bull... Ollie was great with her and eventually she came out of her shell a little bit and they played! Not gonna lie, if we had room for another dog I would have adopted her on the spot, she was such a sweetheart.

He also met a bunch of new people including a little girl maybe 5 years old. Question about that actually, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. Ollie did not care one bit and just licked her but should I not let kids do that?

After we got home we took him and the golden for a walk in a nearby eucalyptus tree forest(they are everywhere here, I think we could support a population of Koalas!).

All in all great day and best part was Ollie totally konked out at the end of it.

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