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Opinion on these breedings.

My search continues into my next pup so if you're bored or would like to help out, please chime in. (Yes, I now these are all over the board) Looking to learn more about these bloodlines. Looking for a dog with solid nerves, sound temperament to be trusted around children and out in public. Substantial sized male with great bone. Medium-High Drive.

1.Gitta s Cagova Raje ZM, ZVV1(Gitta s Cagova Raje) X SV-Max Ze Stribrneho Kamene (Max ze Stribrneho kamene)

2.Blitzi ( Blitzi z AlpineK9) and Chulo (Chulo z Jirkova dvora ( Cheyenne))

3. VD Bonnie Di Dranel (Bonie di Dranel) X Stuka Vom Enchhaus (SG1 Stuka vom Enckhausen)
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