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Originally Posted by RocketDog View Post
Kyleigh, you're joking, right?

If your dog will recall, and is off-leash, then you call him immediately back and stand your ground, or back slowly away, IF the bear isn't moving. If the bear begins to move, stay still. Do not talk or move. If the bear starts to charge you, most of the time they're bluffing, and you can try to bluff back, but this is asking for trouble.

The best solution is to get and CARRY bear spray. If the bear begins to move towards you, use the bear spray.

If the dog isn't reliable on recall, use a long line. The dog will lose the battle. Bears can run at speeds of 35 mph, and will outsprint even a dog.
YUP! Honestly, I'd probably just die right there!

Legally, we can't carry bear spray where I live ... so I'll just leave the bears to the brave people, and continue to take on the much tamer wildlife where I live!

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