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Default Time for a New Vet?

I'm still baffled, I took Gaia to the vet this morning to get her micro chipped and one of the first things the vet asked me is if I have any breeding plans for her because she's a very good looking dog. There's a few things wrong with this question especially coming from me vet 1) Gaia's a blue 2) She's from a BYB, no papers 3) She's still a fricken puppy. After I recovered and responded with the above reasoning, she told me I've waited too long to get her spayed and it was going to be very expensive if I ever decided to spay her. She's 8 months old, hasn't even had her 1st heat yet and I've waited too long?

(sigh) It was a long vet appointment.

On a different note Gaia weighed in at a healthy 62lbs, I thought she was getting "fat" but I was told I was worrying about nothing.
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