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Compulsion training/desensitizing

I recently used compulsion (via suggestion of this forum) to desensitize Zeeva to trimming her nails. It worked real well. She was stressed for a bit but now I don't have to correct her when I trim her nails; she simply lies there without a worry in the world...

When is compulsion training/desensitizing appropriate and inappropriate? It seems like a world of possibilities has opened up but I'm not sure if the initial stress is worth it? Can you name some important things that compulsion is used for?

Some things I've been considering/are these inappropriate to use compulsion for?

blow dryer
barking too much
entering areas they shouldn't
knocking down the doggie gate

Also, and this is a separate issue, but which things are preference based and which things are required etiquette?

marking during walks
stalking mini prey
barking at strangers near the house
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