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Getting around more dogs

Our puppy is about 5.5m old. We've been doing group training with her and all is going well. We've had about 4 weeks off between classes (puppy classes, started basic this week).

The only thing we've really noticed is she gets worked up when she gets within say 5' of other dogs. Like, I don't think it is aggression, probably more frustration she can't play.

When we are sitting in the circle with other dogs, she is an angel.

When we take her to national parks to do walks, she is fine near other dogs (though, we don't take her too close to other dogs usually, because we are working on loose leash walking).

Now, with training, starting next week, she will have playtime with the other dogs.

We barely know anyone with larger dogs (everyone seems to have tea-cup dogs, bleh), so it is hard to do "play dates"

What can I do to socialize her more to avoid any aggression issues. Would going and sitting OUTSIDE dog parks be beneficial so she at least sees other dogs?

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