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13 week old male

Hi all! This is my first post here so I'm still figuring it out
Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend and I brought home a 13 week old all black male. So on the ride home he slept, which was expected, we got home, he wouldn't leave his crate, again expected. We finally got him out, but he doesn't play, is pretty scared to look around the house and whimpers when we go out of sight. He is unusually calm, like creepy quiet and just lays down watching/sleeping. He won't even walk with the leash on, even with food motivation or knealing down and being all cheery! He's crate trained and for the most part potty trained, no accidents here yet. He's just so un-puppy like! This morning I finally got him to go outside with out us having to carry him to go potty and he walked better than last nights try. He's been eating and going to the bathroom normally, and slept through the night.
Sorry for the ramble! I guess I really just want to know if how he's acting is normal as this is My own first puppy (but definitely not the first GSD in my life).
I forgot to mention the breeder did give him his 3rd set of shots along with another deworming, so are the shots making him sleepy?
I'm sure I'm just over reacting. Any thoughts are welcomed!
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