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Default I think my stray female has bad hips =(

So i just got out of surgery recovery and im able to walk again so i have been spending alot of time with my dogs i mean ALOT of time, so anyway i have a stray female that is roughly a year old, her face and size reassemble DDR lines, she is very hyper and playful and runs super fast and has a exellent drive so the other day i got her to start going after the soccer ball so she loved it. NOW IT GETS INTERESTING so she starts jumping in the air and while she lands her first jump i hear her cry so i get curious and lay her down make sure she is relaxed and lets me touch her and the second i pull her leg back streight towards the tail she cryed real loud if i do the same towards her front side she doesnt cry, she does the lazy sit too and sometimes she bunny hops. I KNOW XRAYS IS THE ONLY WAY TO TELL FOR SURE AND I HAVE TO PREPARE FOR THE WORST.
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