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Omg this tittle reminds me of a previous experience with my previous service dog Suki (Akita now retired to a friends farm).

I was at walmart with my girl. She was walking in a heal at my side and I was in an electric cart. Without warning she jumped forward and turned to look behind me with a bazaar look on her face. I turned to look and there was a young child (3 or 4) looking as surprised as my Suki. I got her back into heel and as she turned her tail curled back up again and I saw something in her rear. I grabbed it and she went forward again leaving a charm sucker in my hand. What what could I do. I turned the cart and started talking to the parents of the child but not before returning the sucker to the child.

I explained to them that not every dog in a service vest is a real service dog. I've personally been charged by many impostor dogs and they should be more careful with their little boy around them. They assured me he is never out of their sight for even a moment. That they would never allow him to approach a strange dog. I just nodded and listened as the little boy continued to enjoy his charms. When they were done I informed them on what had happened. Finishing up with "But don't worry I returned his sucker. But I can't guarantee the flavor anymore"

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