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I remember this one time.. I bought my shadow to my grand parents home. As I was saying bye, giving her a hug and kiss on the cheek, shadow jumped up and tried to like gnaw on her arm. I yanked her back and yelled at her. She knew what she did wrong..

Did it seem like an aggressive bite, or was it like a slight nip? He is a rescue and probably was so happy to have human attention, that when your mom tried to take her hand away, he tried to nip.

You know, sometimes my shadow and apollo get SO excited when they see me they literally knock me over and sometimes nibble on my fingers! Nothing aggressive just overly excited.

You can always just yell or yank the dog.. my pups know what "dont bite" means. So when they do get excited we say that and they lick . You can always try that. Remember be firm
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