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advice please

7 months ago my brother adopted a dog from the pound (posted a few pictures here) this is a dog that has just recently discovered an off switch, a very intense dog with no training whatsoever. well he has come such a long way, and my brother works with him constantly and he gets about 2-3 hrs of exercise daily. well company came into the house and the dog was leashed, waiting for him to calm down so my brother let him go over to say hello, shadow was so excited and my aunt was petting him, but when she went to pull her hand away, he bit her. i did notice the post about excitement and aggression, didnt want to hyjack that thread, so my brother and mother are so devastated, my mother wants to take him back, my brother adores this dog. my parents are in their 80's and this dog is way too much for them, but its my brothers dog and all responsibility is his. he is the type of dog if you start to pet him, he goes into overdrive. so got any adivce ????? need help. is offline  
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