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Thank you both for the input.

To be honest I thought you will be a bit more concerned about whether GSDs are OK for me in terms of drive but it seems like it will be just fine

Generally speaking I am fluent in Slovak/Czech, maybe after such a long time (10 yrs spent outside Slovakia) I will have problems to discuss such a specific topic like right now I have no idea how I would translate "drive" lol.. but nothing that I could not manage.

If the opinions in the posts will stay this consistent I will go for west german working line with the desired shape and colouring and will discuss my drive/temperament needs with the breeder so that he can help me to choose the right puppy.

BTW the funny thing will be to find someone dealing with west german working line these countries being full of (afaik) Czech/Slovak and maybe DDR lines, some GSLs... Elsa I'm honestly wondering how you found what you were looking for if you don't speak Czech, I was trying to find some information but the Slovak/Czech part of internet just seems to be so fragmented and chaotic lol (well on the other hand I've already found an oficial list of Slovak breeders and some of them have a webpage so that could be a good starting point)

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