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Help me find the right GSD


this is my first post here, I decided to register after I realized I have a stronger and stronger desire to purchase a GSD after days of diving more and more deeply to all this lot of information. I might buy a german shepherd in about 6 mths as long as certain conditions are met so this post is the beginning of "doing my homework". So far I know what I want, I'd like to ask you where to look for it in terms of bloodlines/pedigree:


I'm living in the UK but originally I am from Slovakia and I want to buy my dog in Central Europe (Slovakia, Czech rep., Hungary, maybe Southern Poland) due to the huge price difference

Main goal

good quality/price ratio, I am prepared to pay more for a good dog but in local terms (i.e. not multiplies of the average registered GSD price in Slovakia)


Imo very important to choose a dog with suitable drive. I've dropped the border collie because I don't think I could handle it. What I think I could handle is somewhere on the "toned down WSL" - "normal WSL" - "toned down GWL" spectrum I am just not sure where. Any comparison of these to the border collie in terms of drive? Maybe that would help.

Appearance and health:

First the less important, I would like I nice classic coloured GSD, black and red/tan (maybe also some ligher coloured areas)

Slope and angulation is quite important though. I definitelly want my dog to have a back with slope but I really nothing extreme in terms of slope, nor I like the banana shaped backs, I'm not sure if even GSL would be the right direction in my opinion, I might be mistaken but I just want my dog to be OK and healthy. Seen some pics of western working line with straight (not curved) back with slope that seemed to be perfect like "VA3 Xitta vom Kirschental" (also her colour is really nice)


Yeah, I'd definitely want a stable dog with good nerves but I think it's self-explanatory. It should be more of a one man dog compared to e.g. a golden retriever but should not be aggressive toward other people or animals (I know a lot depends on socialisation)


I think my drive and temperament requirements are pointing me away from working lines but at the same time I feel that I would more likely find a healthier dog (both in terms of physical appearance and genetically) that would look more ideally if I picked a working line one. Again, I might be mistaken but this is what I think is statistically true.

Maybe a toned down west german working line dog would be OK, the question is if it would be toned down enough?? Any other suggestions?

(Sorry for the long post, I just have an idea of what I want and it takes space to describe it really... also I did not intend to offend any dog, breeder or line, hope I did not)

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