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Default Puppy won't walk with leash on

Okay, this is weird. So I tried taking Zack outside today to an outside area (outside of the garden) with the leash on. However, first challenge: Walk down the stairs. When I close my door to the apartment, Zack will just sit there. I walk down a few steps, give him a little pull to show him that I'm going down, then he just "squats" down and tries to stop me from moving him. It's as if he was taking a poo but without the poo bit. Seriously, he just sits there and does everything to not go. After getting some treats or my friends dog, he will go down. It's better going up, he has no problems then (but some still occasionally)
.When we go outside, he will follow the friends dog happily, but if I only have a treat he won't even go for it. When I move it up to his nose he'll sniff it, but when I take it away, he'll freeze. I borrowed my friends loose leash that is 5m to give him more room to go on grass.He will walk slowly, but will walk, sometimes just sit and freeze. When I want to give him exercise (a little run) He will either run very very slowly, meaning I end up pulling him, or he will sit down and that ends up with me pulling hiss butt on the ground. What can I do to make him walk himself???? :/
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