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What can I do in these Situations?

Okay, so Ozzy loves women and children. However, he's very selective of what men he likes. Sometimes he loves them right off the bat, sometimes he acts like a complete idiot. (Runs up, sniffs, backs off, barks, hides behind me)....
I haven't noticed which qualities he doesn't like in men, he's just very particular.

Now most of the time, I can tell them to leave him alone, ignore him, whatever.
Well, tonight I went to pick up my mom from her friend's party. I took Ozzy with me, not thinking I'd have to get out of the car.
Well, she didn't want to leave quite yet, so we went and hung out for a bit.

One of the guys (drunk) picked him up and held Ozzy right to his face. I could see Ozzy was uncomfortable and nervous. I was afraid Ozzy would bite him in the face. Of course I don't think he would do that, but I don't ever want to assume that he WON'T.
I was telling the guy that was holding him that he was uncomfortable with men and asked for him to put him down. He said, "Nah, look at him! He likes me!" (Because Ozzy was staring at him intently- not out of happiness)!
I quickly realized I wasn't going to get anywhere with trying to get a drunken guy to put him down, so I had Ozzy focus on me - or tried, anyway.

What can I do if a situation like this ever happens again? Obviously my first mistake was taking him around a bunch of drunk people, but I'm sure it won't be the last time someone Ozzy doesn't like tries to make him like them....

Mind you, the guy is a family friend, otherwise I wouldn't have stayed so civil with a drunk guy holding my dog.

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