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I have had two litters of puppies, and neither of them were unplanned. She was bred on her 3rd heat, went into labor early and lost 10 pups. One was born alive and 70% hairless. With the help of our vet, he lived. I still have him and he is 14 mos old now. I was feeling very discouraged by the whole event, lot of time and money invested in that pregnancy and dead puppies were very unpleasant. He ( Dr. Shew ) encouraged me to try her again, I did and she had 6 healthy puppies. After that I should have had her spayed when her puppies were weaned and I didn't do it. She came into heat again and I did not want her bred so I kept her under constant watch. She has always been like clockwork with her cycles, July and January, so when I saw the signs of heat again in mid November, I was/am confused.

Is this normal for a female to do this? What is a split heat?
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