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Heat cycle 3 mos apart?

Hello all, I have a 4 year old female who has has two litters of puppies. The first litter was unsuccessful, she went into early labor and had 10 dead puppies, #11 was born alive and hairless and by some miracle, he lived. Our vet told us not to be discouraged and to try her again. We did and she had 6 healthy pups. Planned on having her spayed, time gets away from you and she is in heat again. Got thru the heat cycle with no pregnancy. That was three months ago, the end of July to be exact. Still plan on spaying her, thought I was still in the clear time wise, noticed today she is bleeding like she is coming in again?? Bright red, exact same as previous heats. Appetite totally normal, no signs of discomfort or lethargy. If she were a cow I would say she is short cycling and cystic, not an early true heat. Is this normal? I did a google search and read about pyometra, it isn't fitting but I really don't know. I can easily get her to the vet Monday morning, but of course it's late on Sat and that's over 24 hours away. Reading about pyometra scared me.....thoughts?? thank you and god bless
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