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Eye Problem?

Our l year old female german shepherd has been displaying odd behavior. This is our 3rd shepherd and it seems there may be an eye problem. If we are over
6 feet away from her, sometimes she will look up and not recognize us, and
bark and charge at us. As soon as we speak, she backs off and looks guilty and goes to lay down. The other night, my daughter and I came home in the
dark, and my husband opened up the door and let her out. She charged at us
and I bent over and snarled at her (playing, I thought) and she ran and yelped
like a scared little kid. It was funny at first, but then concern. Is there something wrong here? She's been doing this now for over 6 months. Thanks
for any insight anyone can offer.

Just a note: she's a beautiful, sweet, affectionate, well behaved dog. She learns
quickly but is a bit more active than our last two.
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