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Question Couple issues, I NEED your advice!

I can't seem to figure this out, WHY?

1. I keep my 4 month old Adele in her crate maximum 4 hours
a day, when I'm comming to let her out, she stands on her back legs
and howls barks whines, as if its the end of the world for her. So when I
open the crate she Bolts out as if KING KONG is about to skin her alive,
why so anxious?!

2. when I'm getting her food, same thing.... Barking Barking Howling and Barking.
(possibly the whole neighbourhood is now aware that Adele will be fed)

3. I'm using the same command OFF when she jumps at me when I approch her
but its just not sinking in, I refuse to put her walk leash on if she jumps, so it turns into
a hop. Couple hours later same thing Jump.


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