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Pretty much, the only difference between a pet quality dog and a show quality dog is physical conformation.

Usually the price difference (from what I've noticed anyway) can range from $200 - $500+ extra for show quality.

Considering you mainly want a pet, I'd say not to go for the show dog unless you're serious about going out and showing him.
And showing dogs isn't just trotting around the ring. More often than not (for UKC shows, anyway) owners hire experienced handlers to show their dog for them. And a good handler isn't cheap.
I know there's a lot more expenses to dog showing than just hiring a handler and entry fees, but I'm not entirely familiar with conformation, so I'm not sure what else all comes into play, as far as the financial burden of showing goes.

Unless you're very open to the idea of breeding him later ('very open' meaning he'll be bred, as long as he gets his titles, passes his health checks, etc.), don't get the show pup. (Unless the breeder is willing to let him go to a pet home).

Do you know if the breeder is offering a co-ownership with him or not?

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