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Default Best Food?

Right now, Athena is on Purina Puppy Chow until I get a job in the next month or less and can put her on the better stuff. Please, don't criticize me and make me feel bad, I already recognize it isn't the better of the foods, but this is only temporary until I can get her on better foods. So, I'm conflicted on what the best would be to feed her? Nutro, Nutro Ultra, Evo, Wellness, Blue Wild, Innova, etc.? I know some people say Royal Canin for GSDs, but I'd prefer something better for her, as I don't really think Royal Canin is all that good compared to the above (correct me if I'm wrong?). Also, I've heard that it's a better idea to put them on an all lifestages or adult dog food because the extra calcium or whatever they put in the puppy food makes GSDs (and other large breeds) grow too fast or develop more quickly than they should? Fact or myth? All advice is appreciated and will be considered, and I will also be doing my own research and share here for comments and thoughts!

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