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Default Selecting a possible "Show"puppy.

I will be getting a male WGSD puppy later this week from a breeder. I made the deposit as soon as the litter was born and have 1st pick of 7 boys.

One of the boys is a possible show dog. The Breeder emailed me about getting the show dog for pet price. They offered to show the dog when they host events about 300 miles away from where I live. I'm not sure how often one of these events are. If we agreed, we would have to wait until he was 3 to neuter him.

I haven't seen anything on their website about different pricing, although I do know some breeders charge different for puppies. What can I expect he difference to be if I bought a show dog for a pet? This was the puppy we were leaning towards although our final decision will be actually seeing them. Is a show dog that special?

I'm sure many of the males will make wonderful pets. Our first priority is a loving new family member.

I've had 2 GSD's but not a male. I'm not keen on the idea of leaving him intact for 3 years. Would there be behavioral issues?

I haven't contacted the breeder yet, but would like to hear any opinions before I do. I'm leaning towards just getting a pet unless I find out I just have to have this little guy.
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