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I've been through one male dog blockhead teenager phase and I wouldn't care to do it again. My dog was very well trained before, during, and after the phase, and received the same level of training, exercise, mental stimulation, and socialization during all of this - it was the hormonal spikes.

It's not as though it was impossible to work though, or insanely difficult - it wasn't. It's just not something I want to ever deal with again. The behavioral benefits are very nice. Even now there's small "snippy" behaviors that I am certain would be lessened or even perhaps absolved by a neuter.

Good management may prevent him from siring a litter, but you can only control you. How much do you trust others whom he might be left in their care? I'm not talking about them letting him run around the neighborhood, what about left alone for "just a couple minutes" with an intact female?

There's a lot of variables to consider.
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