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Default Grumpy 2-Year-Old - Sources of Information?

My intact 2-year-old male is a full-power working line dog, not something to take lightly. The GSD I had for 10 years before wasn't as intense.

Right as my boy turns two and tries on his "big dog pants" I got badly injured. That cut both his activities and my dominance, for over 2 months. I'm a month or so from much activity. I can do walks though.

He's getting a protective streak . . . holy cow . . . territorial inside, protects me from my wife (no kids), gets angry when I correct him. He knew I was hurt when I came home from the hospital (a week), and I suspect that's part of it.

I want to handle this right, but I don't know enough.

Obviously those in the know weren't at one time. I was hoping maybe there are references they use that I might also study - especially behavior and psychology type stuff. I'm into lots of love, but with a firm hand.

Any ideas how to better understand and handle this situation? Good references?
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