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Tess is Scratching a Lot, Could it be her Food?

Tess will stop in the middle of playing or training and start to scratch or bite the area on her rear backsides. She has been doing this very frequently these days; while I have her on Frontline and checked for fleas, which I haven't found, I'm wondering if it could be her food. I have her on Blue Buffalo LBP food and I'm finding that she doesn't seem to like it anymore and it also gives her very loose stools. Although I do give her bully stick's too, so that could be part of the problem too. She barely eats what I put out for her these days.

I have a bag of Innova LBP, which I wanted to put her on when I first brought her home from the breeder, but that too created loose stools. I really don't think I gave it enough time though. These past couple of days, I have started mixing a tiny bit of the Innova in with the Blue Buffalo and find that she will pick the Innova out and leave most of the Blue Buffao. Where I have a full bag of the Innova and it is considered an excellent food, I am going to give it another try, moving her over slowing over a two week period of time.

I was wondering if maybe the grains in her food could be causing her to scratch all the time. I plan on asking her vet when I bring her in next Monday for her 3rd set of shots.

I'm wondering what other's think about her scratching, or if anyone else has run into this problem. Tess is 12 weeks how time fly's.
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